S P Setia pushes for their financial service called S.E.A.L in this ad.

In this video, a wife jumped to conclusion about non-issues just because a husband was gifting her a flower. Later he reveals that his loan got rejected and couldn't afford a house they want. She then tells him it's no issue if they have S.E.A.L.

So what's S.E.A.L? It's Setia Express Advance Loan. Without going into too much detail, it's basically a loan offered by property developers instead of banks usually because they got rejected.

I'm ok with them not elaborating on this plan, the point of the ad is to get people interested in it and research on it afterwards. I'll talk about the ad instead.

They've already created the name S.E.A.L for their plan, so they could have capitalized on it. There are some creative ideas to go about for this name.

Example 1: literally a seal, the animal, buying a house would be more memorable than this ad.

Example 2: introduce a slogan called "seal the deal" to tell people to go for houses by sealing the this deal.

Example 3: combine both ideas - have a seal sealing the deal to get the house it always wanted, anyone will remember the ad forever

A seal doesn't have to be real too, could be a 3D animation or a cartoon to save cost. For reference, look for Geico Gecko in the US.

They're probably not keen on spending more than just a couple of hundred bucks, probably all done in-house too. This is the result of that.

Campaign: Digital Campaign
Content: Video
Media: Facebook
Brand: S P Setia
Source: https://www.facebook.com/spsetia/videos/1378428682200779/

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