Panasonic's air conditioners got a lifestyle makeover with this Facebook carousel video ad. This ad showcases two of their latest series, the Sky and Aero. Although it's not a local production, it's still advertised to locals. The overall feel is a calming and chilling feel, exaggerated by slow movement in the videos.

It doesn't hard-sell but I think they could put a little bit more info in the videos to tell each series unique selling points better. What I learned was the Aero series has indirect shower cooling and long lasting comfort, while the Sky series has indirect radiant cooling (whatever that means?) and retains skin moisture.

Bottom line is, they could have elaborated on their USPs. Otherwise, it's a global ad that has been adapted and is for locals hard to identify with.

Campaign: Digital Campaign
Content: Video
Media: Facebook
Brand: Panasonic Malaysia

Watch video here:

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