Maxis goes one step further to provide RM1 unlimited roaming for a year for the MaxisONE plans.

In a bid to push people to go for their higher-end tiers, they've introduced some benefits for just RM1 such as owning a phone for RM1, 1 year iflix subscription for RM1 and now roaming for just RM1.

Such as life, there's always a catch when it comes down to a deal that's too good to be true. You only get this benefit if you're subscribed to the RM158 monthly tier and you'll only get it for Singapore. To unlock RM1 roaming for other Asian countries, you must be subscribed to their RM188 tier.

That being said, this plan is most likely targeted at business users. It's probably better to make it more 'business-like' and not have a cartoon number 1 as a mascot as I find it to be too juvenile. Maxis is selling an expensive phone plan but the ads make it seems like it's marketed to kids.

While the ad itself is pretty good, utilizing each carousel card to tell the whole story, it would be better if they could sell the benefits of having this one plan, with an additional feature of this RM1 plan, instead of the current 'travel-like' style. International business travellers are probably the ones who are frequently travelling abroad.

Feature: RM1 roaming in 8 South East Asian countries for 365 days
Benefit: You're connected, wherever you are in South East Asia

Campaign: Digital Campaign
Content: Video, Visual
Media: Facebook
Brand: Maxis Malaysia

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