OCBC Bank tries their hand at Facebook videos and they come up with an idea of a lady that wants to "take a relationship long-distance"? Why would you do that? It implies that the lady is going to somehow break-up with the guy in a soft manner and any guy who watches this video instantly gets PTSD flashbacks. Not funny at all.

And it has nothing to do with a banking app at all! Nobody wants a LDR unless they were forced to. Is OCBC trying to say to its customers "please don't come to our branch and see us, just use the app"?

The video also did not state any benefits for using the app. Plus, they shoehorn an FD plan ad at the end.

I just can't believe how lame this video is.

Campaign: Digital Campaign
Content: Video
Media: Facebook
Brand: OCBC Bank
Source: https://www.facebook.com/OCBC.Malaysia/videos/1404017132954592/

Watch video here:

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