What's chocolate gotta do with robbery and theft? This ad by Cadbury apparently.

Personally, I think it's done in bad taste when you associate yourself with these "negative" aspects even when done in a playful manner.

Is the target market young weed-smoking wannabes? Are they trying to associate Cadbury 5 Star chocolates with getting high to the point where they don't even remember getting there in a bike? Are they implying that we have a lot of robberies and a useless police force?

While I have nothing personal against this ad, I'm not happy with it because the message is to "lose yourself in the taste" and there are just so many ways you can play around with this idea.

For instance, you could have working adults in the office, having these chocolates and just losing oneself in the moment without worry. Such as, not worrying when the boss is angry for pouring coffee on his lap after having the chocolate and "losing oneself in the moment".

I'd also focus on the positive aspects of this kind of comedy, such as printing many copies of "I love Cadbury" on an important report and handing them out for a company presentation. Maybe not going to the extreme like having someone falling off a building or something.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the comedic aspects. But there are many kinds of comedy and perhaps associating these negative aspects can be detrimental to the brand.

If you were the brand owner, would you rather people put Cadbury and "funny robbery bicycle" in a sentence or "funny office boss"?

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