Here are some of Grab's Facebook ads in April 2017.

First up, an image ad to shout about their promo. Pretty self-explanatory, 3 rides at RM8 off from 10pm to 10am written in the image itself. Landing page links to app, probably deep-linked.

Second, a carousel ad with a series of cards about their GrabShare program at 50% off in the first slide to catch people's attention. Quite boring with each slide looking the same, only the texts change. These cards don't even shout out their best features too.

Third, a partnership between Tinder and Grab had local celebrities share a ride with random people who use the Grab app. It's just a short video and will probably have a series of it out in the future, or maybe not.. because they couldn't get any good footage. They had a lot of views but out of that 1.1 million views, there were only 51 shares and 33 comments in total. Perhaps it's because it has no 'entertaining' content with these kind of 'meet your idol' style of videos, especially with random people. Check out some Omaze videos for reference to 'meet your idol' video styles.

Lastly, a video carousel ad about GrabRewards. The cards show silver tier members can redeem rides, gold members have more rewards and platinum members get priority bookings and more. All standard members get to participate. This is what Facebook carousel ads were made for, to showcase a series of steps like this. Captivating visuals with no complaints.

One extra tip is to extend the first video to 10 or more seconds. Since it's a loop, it will not affect the ad itself and we can save some budget from adjusting the ads to be charged from CPM by default to only if viewers make it to the 10th second mark.

Update: extra video ad in May about their rewards program, GrabRewards. It's a short video with a CTA in the middle, yet when you click on it it will not link to any page.. because it's a video it'll just pause. The video would be better if they took an informative route and showed how people could earn and use points as above.

Good on them to try different formats for each feature they have. Some ads will work while some will not, but most importantly the data they'll get from advertising will surely help fuel the next batch of ads in the coming months.

Campaign: Digital Campaign
Content: Video, Visual
Media: Facebook
Brand: Grab Malaysia
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