Aldi gets into the Chinese market with a bang. Even though they're only selling online, through one of e-commerce giant Alibaba's platforms, they didn't shy away from making a scene.  

Aldi, a supermarket chain from Germany, generated buzz by live streaming their fashion show with a twist. All the supermodels were wearing clothes made from food.

"With Aldi coming in -- and no one in China has heard of Aldi -- you've got to do something very dramatic and very memorable to get people's attention and get people talking about it," said Graham Fink, chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather China, who worked on the campaign. "One way to do it is a big blockbuster TV campaign, but we don't always have money to do that. And it's nice to do something a little bit different."

As the e-commerce space gets more competitive than ever, brands must find ways to stand out of the crowd.

Campaign: Digital Campaign / Offline
Content: Video / Visual
Media: Facebook
Brand: Aldi

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