This video by, the online classified platform, features a seller (Lynn) meeting up to sell an iPhone 6 to a buyer (Azam).

Focusing on the reason and motivation to buy or sell a specific product, they captured the essence of trading using their platform. This educational video helps to reach to even more people who still don't know what is for yet.

One problem is their copy states "games" instead of phones (see below). Perhaps a mistake but it shouldn't even really be "love selling something" because nobody loves to sell anything especially second-hand products. It should be something like "Watch how easy it is for Lynn to sell her iPhone 6 to Azam. helps you to buy or sell things easier online!"

One step further, they could also do other interesting videos, such as following up on the ease-of-use, how-to-buy or sell videos, buyer-seller-safety videos and more, instead of reaching out to more people (they are already very well-known in Malaysia, budget's better spent on other aspects of the business).

Campaign: Digital Campaign
Content: Video
Media: Facebook

Watch video here:

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