Multiple OOH ads spotted in elevator

In recent months, it's hard to miss the Out-of-Home (OOH) poster ads (see above) when you are taking elevators in some office or residential buildings.

While it is refreshing to see these posters filling up the inventory (both spaces and waiting time), a closer look reveals the lack of practicality and creativity in most of the ads.

Why is it so? First let's check this ad poster by

Seriously, QR code on every product? Personally, I think QR code is more like cosmetic even I did write about 5 tricks to make QR code works as recent as last year.

Don't believe? Just track the number of scans you manage to gather from any QR code you embed on a print ad. Why? QR code scanner is not a default app comes pre-installed with smartphones, so there are still many out there who don't know how (or too troublesome) to scan a QR code.

A simple workaround is to have a search box replacing the QR code on every product. For example, a search box to advise the audience to search for "Drypers" on the website. Much simpler isn't it?

It's not just Motherhood's, none of any other poster ads leave an impression, probably with the exception of MyKuali's white curry noodle (credit to its foodie-genic photo).

Malaysia needs to buck up its advertising creative, just check here on how OOH ad at elevator can be much more inspiring!

Campaign: Offline / Traditional
Content: Visual
Media: Outdoor / Elevator

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