KFC's latest ad on delivery is using animated characters according to the items in their menu. Unfortunately these characters are pigeonholed and doesn't appeal to many. It doesn't help that their video didn't elaborate on the message. A weak message and execution led to a failed campaign.

Below is the transcript and explanation of one of KFC's latest ad in a series titled "KFC Kaki": (I chose this because it's the first ad I saw in the series)

Nug Life (a play on words of "thug life", an American gangsta term)

How to kaw tim her heart? (kaw tim as in "done" in Cantonese, but it's supposed to mean "win" her heart, so it's a wrong expression)

A bouquet of KFC Chicken Nuggest lahhhhh. (because girls like gifts in a form of nuggets in this way? who's gifting it? the delivery man? who bought it? herself? she's gifting herself a bouquet of nuggets? is there a special occasion? who even gifts themselves a bouquet of flowers?)

Nak tambah sos ke tak? (means "want to add sauce?" but who's asking? she's almost done eating and you're asking for sauce? she's not even having it with any sauce in the animation)

Dia tak kisah. (means "she doesn't care." but why doesn't she care?)

Ehh ehh, jumpa nugget bonus. (so they're saying getting an extra nugget = happiness, but how does it "nug life?")

KFC Nuggets for life. (..but why?)

With KFC Delivery, cinta dia takkan berhenti. (ok, you can get it via KFC's delivery)

So, which KFC Kaki are you? (means "what kind of KFC 'user' are you?", so I assume that there are many different types of these "KFC kaki ads" and a person who just goes for nuggets is one of the 'types' of people)

Let's work our way backwards - if an ad's market is to target KFC delivery, it's best figure out who the people are actually buying from the website using the available sales data. From their past ads, I hypothesize that their core audience is a "family" group and not just individuals.

Perhaps they were trying to target and break into the young female adults as a new market? In that case, is animation suitable for that market? I think animation works best with kids and live action would work better for young adults. But it's still not an issue to experiment.

The issue is be the message itself. What does "nug life" has to do with being someone who like nuggets? Even if I love to eat nuggets, would I be happy to receive a bouquet of nuggets? The whole action is just weird.

Worse of all, they didn't address the big question of "why use KFC delivery" - instead of answering this question they played around and lost with delivering a "cool" message tone. I could just walk into a store if I liked nuggets to no end. There's no benefit being communicated should I use KFC's delivery.

The tone speaks as if we are a third-party looking at her behavior, as if we're watching a nature documentary. How is this relatable to young female adults?

I won't comment on the animation quality, it speaks for itself. A for effort though.

Following up with the ad breakdown above, there is also another ad in the same series about "Abang Zinger" or Zinger Brother, that's supposed to be appealing to young male adults. I have embedded the video below and will sum up with the top two comments on the video itself:

Plus another one about "Kak Slaw" or Sister Slaw (as in coleslaw get it?) and an O.G. Gang for original chicken. There are a few more in the series too, but I think we get the point by now.

I get the idea to introduce animated characters according to KFC's menu items. However, since these characters are categorized according to the menu items (a guy could like coleslaw and a girl could like Zinger burgers), it's too hyper-targeted for such a grand campaign. Plus, it's better to separate this campaign into another one that doesn't involve KFC's delivery.

There is also a pic of them with biker jackets of this campaign for some reason:

With such a weak campaign, it's no wonder people are flocking over to McDonald's.

Campaign: Digital Campaign
Content: Video
Media: Facebook
Brand: KFC Malaysia
Source: https://www.facebook.com/KFCMalaysia/videos/10154637387604247/

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