BRANDS introduces a new product aimed at the Malay market in this short Facebook video. It's called Ca'ya, as in a shortened 'percaya' (believe in English), Malay slang for "respect". The video features a young gym goer that took this product and is then full of energy and is able to take his workout one step further. It's a quintessentially Malay-styled video, but it's able to be budget-friendly and as long as it gets the message across, I would consider it a success.

Although, one thing to note is that energy drinks have been plagued with false claims lately (check out 5-hour energy drink in the States). These products should be as transparent as possible in its claims lest these products come under fire.

Campaign: Digital Campaign
Content: Video
Media: Facebook
Brand: Brands
Source: https://www.facebook.com/BRANDSCaya/videos/1359427157436393/

Watch video here:

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