BRANDS features an "inspired by a true story" young dentist who is not only (and looks) successful, but also does charity work at an orphanage on the side. Very dreamy indeed.

He detailed his journey as a narrator and attributes his success to BRANDS for giving him the energy he needs. He talked about how 94% of people are not getting enough sleep and that's why BRANDS can help with that (implying that if you drink enough, you don't need to sleep anymore).

In the video, they played on the "everyday heroes" and goes into how ordinary people (like a successful dentist) helps make lives better (but especially a boy that he's particularly fond of).

The video was very well filmed and edited, the story was coherent and acting is fine. That bit with the bracelet was pretty good, it symbolizes friendship and when the boy did the fake out at the end it was to show playfulness and the dentist's compassion to play along, signifying a deeper level of connection in their relationship. But the ending with him looking at the product shot is just too forced, other than that everything else was great.

Campaign: Digital Campaign
Content: Video
Media: Facebook
Brand: Brands

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