#MYTwinTowers Challenge

This Instagram visual ad looks interesting at first, make you wonder what is the challenge about. However, a click on the ad will land you at Petronas Twin Tower's Instagram profile page (see below too).

Campaign: Digital Campaign
Content: Visual
Media: Instagram
Brand: Petronas Twin Towers

We can understand this might be a way to kill two birds with one stone, trying to grow its Instagram followers at the same time promoting the #MYTwinTowers challenge via a link at the profile and visual content.

Petronas Twin Towers Instagram profile

However, this campaign might not be the best of user experience due to:

  • It's funny that when you click the ad on Instagram, it loads at a mobile browser then asking users to install Instagram app. This might be due to users or device-specific settings but still, it's not ideal.
  • Achieve 2 goals at one go? Sometimes it's better to set 1 clear objective while running a campaign. Users might be confused here as what should they do when landed at the Instagram profile page? Follow, or check out the contest?
  • If you click on the link on the profile, it will redirect you to a page on Facebook without any easy-to-understand, visual explanation of the contest. It is just a set of terms & conditions (see below).
  • Terms & conditions aside, the contest is so complicated to understand as it's split to 5 challenges, best to keep contest to the simplest form!
  • Last but not least, why direct users to Facebook when you are running an Instagram campaign?

#MYTwinTowers Instagram Contest T&C

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